Assassin Bugs

The "Wheel Bug" is one of about 3,000 species in the order Hemiptera

This Wheel Bug displays its black Rostrum,
a hinged Beak used to inject poisonous digestive fluids into its prey,
which can immobilize its prey in seconds.

It is then used to extract the digested Insect or Caterpillar,
 leaving only the empty skin of its victim as evidence of the event.

A hapless Wasp has blundered within reach of this Garden Predator,
 and has become a link in the Insect Worlds' Food chain.

This pair is preparing to perpetuate their species.

This Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar will never get its Wings.

Here the Assassin Bug itself, becomes a link in the Food Chain
 in the Web of a Spider.

And then the Carolina Wren enters the Food Chain


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