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Auto Billboard

This unique rectangular Advertising Display
fits inside a window of your vehicle
for all the World to see.

Or inside your house or business window.
Or put it in the bed of your Pickup.
Or set it along the curb in your lawn,
with a dedicated Car Battery.

Designed, Developed and Manufactured in the USA
by GardenGrapevine.com 
Driving up and down the highway, or parked at a busy intersection,
this animated Display is sure to turn every head,
and pay for itself in short order.

Be the first in your neighborhood to have one,
and it will be most effective.

When every vehicle has one,
each will attract less attention.

Advertise your Business.
Or your Church Buffet.
Or your Scout Baseball games.
Or your political candidate.
Or your Car or House for sale.
Or tell a Lady you love her.

Can be used inside any parked car Window(s).
Custom made for your Car or House Window.
Plugs into your 12vdc cigarette lighter.
Adapter available to operate from 110 vac.

Switch available for a dedicated remote Battery.
Can be set up anywhere powered by a 12vdc Battery.

No holes or damage to your vehicle or window.
Includes two lines of your custom text.
Exchangeable Messages also available.
Initial installation - less than 2 minutes.
Removal - less than 1 minute.

Mounting Hardware.

Made in the USA

Designed and manufactured
by GardenGrapevine.com

We will contact you for size and text you desire. 
Allow 6 weeks for Custom manufacturing involved.

1 original Auto Billboard $198.85
Includes Shipping and Handling.

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