Building a Bog

A "Bog" is something between a large mud puddle and a small Pond;
Neither big enough to attract the Sailors of Boats,
nor small enough to attract the stomping Feet of little Boys. 

It creates an environment which provides a habitat that welcomes and harbors many Creatures and Plants that would otherwise be alienated by the absence of their unique and essential surroundings.

Above is a large photo of the family pet enjoying the cool Bog,
surrounded by photos of a few of the Many residents and visitors to the Bog.

In Your Bog you might find a golden American Toad. Or Mud Wasps busily molding tiny mud balls to build their nests, Dragonflies depositing eggs on the immersed stems of swamp grasses, or Bullfrogs shooting out their long tongues to make a meal of the unlucky fly which wanders within its range.

A Tree Swallow nesting nearby, may swoop down to scoop up a refreshing  drink.  A Bat may check in to catch a Mosquito that escaped the Bullfrogs. A Green Heron may stop in to rest and survey the menu. There is always some activity to delight all Youngsters and most Oldsters. 

Water is a natural attraction for all Creatures. Note where Man's largest cities are located. Without Water, we would not be! A Bog has an added facet attractive to Creatures; it is usually secluded and surrounded by protective vegetation which helps them feel at ease and comfortable in their element.

The Bog can be as small or large as you wish, and added to as you get the urge. A Garden Shovel or Bulldozer can be your tool of choice. You can introduce plants and grasses or wait for birds and winds to bring seeds. 

As if by magic, Frogs and Dragonflies will seem to appear out of thin air. Time will work its wonders on your project and you may find a bustling Community of Creatures which persuade you to position a favorite chair so you can study and enjoy the activities of your new guests more closely, as they go about their daily routines of "survival of the species", much as we Humans do.

If you decide to enlarge your Bog, it should be done in only one direction (N.E.S.W.) to minimize the effect on the inhabitants. Care should be taken to avoid disturbance of the soil which Nature has now conditioned into the structure needed to maintain the health of your new Bog Ecosystem.

Do NOT apply Insecticides or Fertilizers to the area of runoff ! 
These materials tend to find their way into the Bog where they will upset the Natural Ecological Balance of your Bog by eliminating many of the inhabitants and  encouraging plant growth which will prove to be a detriment to your new Wetland. 

This is the Bog shown above, in its first year.

This is a choice commercial Cranberry Bog in Middleboro, Mass.

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