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Wood Burner Plans
This engineered Wood Burner will last for many years
and pay for itself with Domestic Hot Water.

This is a serious Wood Burner designed with a Burnout Liner,
and with a Door as big as the end of a Barrel !
It can handle 60-pound Splits, if you can.

Go Green . . .  burn renewable fuel, which is not
dependent on Ships from Foreign Countries.

And the best part . . . 
how quick it pays for itself,
and how easy and inexpensive to build.

This drawing shows the long path the hot smoke must take,
which releases more heat to the enclosure,
and increases the system efficiency.

Not only will it heat your house or shop, but it will heat your Bath water and Laundry water as well. It will pay for itself if you only use it to pre-heat the cold water going into your present Water Heater. Think about That !!

The plans include an enclosure which can locate your Wood Burner outside your building, and even force the Filtered Heat in through an existing double-hung window; but keep the firewood debris outside.

This is the view with the Door open.

PLUS, you get unlimited prompt and personal E-mail answers to any question you may have while building and using it. Most of it can be assembled using Bolts and Nuts, but the special Steel Grate is better welded.

An electric Drill and Jigsaw/Sabresaw are a must.
Some cuts may be made with a GOOD Tin Shears.
A Metal File and Emery Cloth will smooth up the cut edges.
Leather Gloves or Band Aids may be helpful.

If you want domestic hot water, you will need to solder Copper Pipes with Solder, Flux, and a Propane Torch. This is easy to do, and worth the investment, but you may prefer to hire an insured Plumber with a Torch. However, the procedure is explained in detail.

These Plans are profusely illustrated with photographs and drawings.

The draft draws a Candle Flame into our Air Injection Grate 
An ingenious method of getting
a quick major burn without the problems associated with a Blower. No thermostat to go bad, no Blower to need Oil, Electricity, Batteries, or Hand Cranking


Select Barrels with a square and level opening.
Select a proper workable Lid.
Select and modify a Lid Locking mechanism.

Burn off any paint, oil and chemicals.
Make and install a Draft Regulator in the Door.
Make a Spark Arrestor for the Draft Regulator.

Make and install a Heat Shield for the Door.
Make and install a cool Door Handle.
Make the Collar/Hinge Plates.

Make the Door Hinge Plates; assemble.
Install air-tight Gasket material on the Door.
Make our special Air Injection Grate

Build a Trestle Stand to hold the Wood Burner.
Mark, Cut, and install the Burnout Liner.
Make the Smoke Baffle and Hanger.

Make the Ash Pit Gate.
Cut, assemble, and attach the Water Heating Reflector.
Add a second Barrel to maximize BTUs.

Make or buy Barrel and Stove Pipe Connectors.
Mark and cut Stovepipe Holes.
Install Stove Pipe with Furnace Cement.

How to Test for air leaks.
Adapt an automatic Draft Control.
Selecting an insulated Hot Water holding Tank.

Connect a Circulator to the Hot Water Tank.
Fabricate an Air Bleed Valve above the Circulator.
Connect the Copper Coils to the Insulated Tank.

Install a Safety Valve on the Tank.
Install a Thermometer on the cold (Tank) output line.
Optional Thermometer for hot (Coil) input line.

Build an outdoor Enclosure.
Optional Fans and Air Filters.
Optional Enclosure Thermometer.

How to preheat water in your present Water Heater.
Selecting and using a Hair Dryer to start fire.
Accessory: Make a back-saving Log Loader

Accessory: Make an indispensable Firebox Poker.
Accessory: Make a very useful Firebox Wedge.
Accessory: How to make a Grate Reamer.

Accessory: Make an upper Barrel Cleaner.
Accessory: Make a Dust Pan.
Free Plans: Log Lifter - $9.85 value.

Tips and Tricks.
Maintenance and Safety.

These Plans will be emailed to you;
be sure our email address is in your White Pages list.

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Testimonial from Frank S. in Henderson, Minnesota:

Hello Derek,

I just had to write this email.
I have nothing but praise and thanks for your people, relating to the Wood Burner Plans I bought from GardenGrapevine.

I thought the price was a little steep, but my Wife said, if they seemed like good plans to get them. Well let me tell you, now I feel like I stole the plans. And I love my Wife
for making me get them . . . Hah !

I've used the Wood Burner for three hard winters. Now I had to replace the Insert. It took me 20 minutes and cost $5.00. That's the only problem I've had, and you told me it would happen sooner or later. But the protected Firebox Barrel still looks like new.

Your detailed plans made every step so very simple to do,  and my two questions were answered promptly. Not by emailed text, but by a modified Chapter which was emailed to me, and provided to new customers to avoid the confusion which I had.

The  parts cost so very, very little compared to the price of a commercial Wood Burner, that I'm elated. The only expensive part was the Copper Coil to heat water. But the savings in electricity paid for the Coil in three months, then it put money in my pocket.

I figure the Wood Burner is saving us more than $400. every winter month,
and at least $50. a month on hot water. That's about $2,500 a year, or $25,000. in 10 years. We're retired, and these extra dollars every month are greatly appreciated.

Your design is so unique and ingenious. So many clever details that I would never have thought of. Your experience shows in every chapter. Every time I put wood in it, I feel like I'm putting money in the Bank. It's warming me on the outside, and warming me on the inside :)

You will find that I just now ordered your Creosote Chisel to keep my stove pipe clean without getting on the icy roof. What a great idea. I'm sure it will be as satisfactory as the plans.

Thanks again.
Your extremely happy customer.

Frank S.

Complete detailed Plans and Parts List $49.85

This emergency Chimney Cleaning Tool
can save your weekend, your building, or your life.

There is no need to climb a ladder
onto a cold, windy, slippery Roof.

It is inserted into your Wood Burner or Draft Regulator
without leaving the shelter of your building.
Many buildings are lost to chimney fires started by Creosote buildup. Order one now. When you need it, it may be too late !
Our Log Lifter Plans are designed to save your back,
when lifting Logs into your Wood Burner or Log Splitter.
The plans are adjustable to fit your situation.
See our other Garden Plans

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