Bear-proof Bird Feeder
Bears can throw this Feeder on the ground,
and jump up and down on it.

But we're betting it will bounce right back !

This Bird Feeder has no Chinese plastic, or Air Gun Brads holding it together. It is glued and screwed and made to frustrate your biggest neighborhood Bear. It is made of Clear # 1 Pennsylvania Hardwoods,
and has a very strong plastic-coated steel hanging Hook. 
Holds about two quarts of Seeds.
Weighs more than 5 pounds.

This Bird Feeder includes Solitary Bee Tunnels to attract these gentle Garden Pollinators to your Flowers and Garden. Since the decline of Honey Bee colonies due to Colony Collapse Disorder, we are doing our part to maintain Pollinators for the food supply.

These tunnels can raise 100 or more efficient Solitary Bees, which are enough to pollinate an average backyard Garden, Berry patch, or Orchard. We sell Solitary Bee Houses Here.

"Where you get what you pay for - and a little bit more"

"Cost is not determined on the day of Purchase,
but on the day of Replacement !"

Our Lifetime Guarantee

Remember your Friends who would love to have one.

One (1) Bear-proof Songbird Feeder
Price: 1 for $49.85 . . . plus $9.50 S&H

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