Bears and Bird Feeders

How to foil Black Bears at Bird Feeders.

If you see this destructive glutton near your Bird Feeder,
chirping and acting like a Black Bird, it's all an act !

He's not a Bird Brain and he doesn't eat like a Bird.

His plan is to smash things and eat all your Bird Food in one gulp!  He likes Bird Seed, and he Loves Suet, Dog and Cat Food, most table scraps and road kill. So, once he gets a taste of your delicious offerings, it's next to impossible to keep him out of your back yard Bird Feeders.

If you want to be rid of him,  a call to your local Animal Shelter will bring the Men in white coats to dart him in the rump and relocate him to The Back 40. But if you enjoy seeing him about, don't leave any food available outdoors, and it may be best not to fry aromatic Bacon inside the house! Black Bears are smart, determined, and their Nose is a sensitive Aroma Magnet.

One way to slow him down is to suspend a Clothesline high in the air (12 feet?), and attach the Bird Feeder to it so it can be lowered for filling. But he may figure this out, and rip the whole thing down.

Another idea is to not overfill the Feeders, so they are empty by night time when most Bears are on the prowl.

Or empty them, or bring them indoors in the evening.

You can adopt a noisy Dog. Size doesn't seem to matter much; most Bears run from barking dogs.

You could even  hook up a Motion Detector to a Playback Device, so when Mr. Bear trips the motion Detector, he sets off the sound of barking Dogs.

You can also put Bird Food out in such large quantities
that there is plenty for the Birds and for Mr. Bear.
But the good man repairing his House Door,
learned that this is a very poor idea.

Don't use Feeders. Instead, scatter Bird Feed thinly on the ground. Mr. Bear is not nearly so inclined to pick up one sunflower Seed, as he is to gulp a whole mouthful.
Most Song Birds are ground-feeders, and will not mind a bit.

If you find this "Thank you" near your Bird Feeders,
Mr. Bear has already left his calling card.
Better check the bottoms of your shoes !

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