Berry Picker

Our unique Berry Picker is for ripe Berries.
It gently separates the Berry from its stem.

No more bruised Berries or stained fingers.

Our unique Berry Picker does not squeeze berries,
or pick Leaves, Spider Webs, or debris (like some Pickers do).

Picks wild Raspberries, Wineberries, Blackberries, Dewberries.
Picks one Berry at a time, like a fussy hand does.
Allows picking in thorns with Gloves on.
Special Snap Lid prevents spilling.
Minimizes dropped Berries.
Stops thorn stings.
Holds one quart.
Dishwasher safe.

2 unique Berry Pickers with Special Lids.
$19.85 + $3.85 Shipping & Handling

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