Stop Bike Brake Pad Squeal

This permanent simple adjustable part,
will quiet brake squeal on most bikes.

It seems the cause of Brake Pad Squeal, is in the way the Pads touch the Wheel.
The cure seems to be to have one end touch slightly before the other does,
or having it touch at an angle to the surface.
This is referred to as "Toe-in" of the Pad.

Make these Tapered Washers from a flat piece of 3/8" wide metal.
It should be several inches long to allow you to handle it,
and about 1/16" thick, like a standard Flat Washer.

A Flat Washer can be used, but it is very difficult to hold for forming.
Aluminum is easy to form.

1) - Mark the metal 3/8" inch from one end.
Drill a hole in the center of this marked end,
so it is a sloppy fit on the Pad Shaft.

2) - With a File, Emery Cloth, or Belt Sander,
form the flat taper as shown in black above.

3) - Cut this 3/8" x 3/8" Square Washer from the metal strip.

If you messed it up, just make another one.

4) - Hold the Square Washer with a Vise or a Vise-Grip Pliers, as shown.
Round off 3 of the corners; leave the 4th for a Pointer.

5) - Remove and replace the Brake Pad parts as you found them,
except that you will add your Tapered Washers on each side of the Bike Frame,
with the Tapers Facing the Frame. 

6) - Cut a Rubber Band. Wrap it around the Tire and Wheel,
so it is under the TRAILING end of the Brake Pad. Tie, clamp, or tape it fast.
Its thickness will determine the angle of Toe-in.

7) -
Have a helper or a Bungee Cord apply the Brake Lever.
Initially, place the two Pointers in the same direction.

Double-check the orientation of the Pad.

8) - Tighten the assembly securely. Remove the rubber Band.
Repeat this procedure for both Pads on the squealing Wheel,
and go for a test drive.

9) - If you still have squeal, try rotating both Tapered Washers 1/8 turn at a time,
or rotate them separately to different positions, until you discover the best.
Various Wheels and Pads will require various Tapered Washer rotations.

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