Bird House

A Wren house with 1" diameter hole, made from used lumber.
Complete with chimney bird nest (and some debris dropped on the Aluminum roof), porch steps/ columns, house number sign, picket fence, mailbox,  and outhouse. It is temporarily perched atop a bird bath pedestal.

Houses can be made from new or used materials as elaborate or simple as you desire. Your only limitation is your imagination. Wooden houses are most popular with most birds. A roof covering of metal or other material will greatly lengthen the life of your unique creation.

Nesting Platforms
mounted under roof overhangs or some other protected place about 8' above the ground may attract Robins, Phoebes, Carolina Wrens,

Nesting places well before the breeding season. Birds will scout your area for acceptable housing long before the actual nesting takes place.

can be thwarted by mounting the House to a smooth pole, with a baffle to make climbing the pole impossible, and placing it away from other items which can be used as a predator jumping pad.

Click for Bird House dimensions.