Bird Netting
The inexpensive way to increase your Berry crop.

Nature's Creatures can put a big dent in your Fruit and Berry harvest unless you take some precautions to deter them. You can get "Carbide Cannons" which explode periodically to scare birds away. The expense of buying the Cannon and Carbide, maintaining and storing them, and the associated noise are negative factors.

You can buy plastic Snakes and Owls or hang trinkets which move in the breeze to scare birds away. Birds soon become accustomed to these movements and ignore them, bringing to mind the cartoon; "Bird sitting on a Scarecrow". 

You might also enclose your Berry patch with inexpensive Chicken Wire which will last several years. Using longer-lasting Window Screening instead, can also keep out Insects and Chipmunks, but it blocks enough sunlight to make it prohibitive in some areas. They both allow easy access to the Berries, but require a frame to hold them in place. The associated cost is a limiting factor. 

To put netting on a Tree or Bush, first determine the center of the Netting and mark it with light-colored tape. Then use a long pole to position the tape over the center of the Plant. The Netting will catch on every leaf and twig; so try to drape it straight down rather than to reposition it after it touches foliage. You may need a helper or two.

If one Net is too small, fasten several together with waterproof tape or plastic ties before you attempt to drape it onto the foliage. Then find the center as above.

Bird Netting will keep out most Birds, but be alerted that it can also entangle those that attempt to land on it. If Chipmunks are a problem, they can usually be discouraged by fastening the Netting snugly around the base or trunk of the Plant or Tree. They can also become entangled in the Netting. 

Snakes may become entangled, too.

If you ever attempt to free any entangled creature, it is suggested that you wear Leather Gloves and cut the Netting, rather than to touch the creature. It may be prudent to contact your local Department of Wildlife and ask to have it removed.

After you cover your Trees or Berry Bushes, you may want to cut slits in the Netting at strategic locations, rather than to lift or remove it for each fruit picking. Make the slits large enough to get your sleeved arm in. The slits will be Very difficult to locate, so it is recommended that they be marked with tape, Velcro, or plastic ties as shown above.

The slits alter the strength and effectiveness very minimally, but extended exposure to Sunlight may weaken it. Nets should be folded and stored in a sealed plastic bag or other container to prevent creatures from getting entangled during storage. It's a bigger chore to remove their remains than to prevent entanglement in storage.

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