Bed and Breakfast for Bluebirds

This overnight Roost allows Bluebirds to enter the Winter Roost  Box which is located inside the Window of your heated home, protected from predators and the weather. 

The outdoor MealWorm~ Berry Dispenser and Drinking Fountain are both serviced from inside the Window without disturbing outdoor Birds or even those inside the Roost.

Designed to fit in a standard Aluminum, Vinyl, or Wooden double-hung Window by simply lifting the bottom Sash up 2-1/2" to accommodate the Bluebird Haven Roost and Diner, and then adding the Filler Strips, shown below left. No holes, nails, screws, or other fasteners are required. 

The Bluebird Haven Roost and Diner as seen from outdoors:
Inside the Window is the Roost Box which has a layer of absorbant Insect-repellent Cedar Chip Bedding on the floor. 

The white Cap covers the MealWorm and Berry dispenser to keep out drafts and insects. It is removed to drop MealWorms and Berries down the white tube, which emerge at the outdoor center hole. With the Cap removed, the indoor Lid can be lifted to replace Bedding.

Unseen is the indoor Water Fountain Reservoir which is heated by indoor room warmth. It holds about 8 ounces of Water and is available to your Bluebirds at the white Fountain on the left.

The hole on the right is the DEEP entrance to the Roost Box. It is 1-1/2" diameter which restricts larger birds. The Platform under the Fountain and Feeder is the only part that requires assembly; by insertion of 2 Screws in pre-drilled holes.


 Bluebird Haven is locked in place by lowering your double-hung window, ready to accommodate 12 or more Bluebirds. You may find an occasional Chickadee, Titmouse or Nuthatch joining in the "sleep-over".

But this Roost is made especially for Bluebirds, so there are no perches which allow Birds above to soil Birds cuddled below. Blue Birds are very happy roosting on wood chips, unlike Wood Peckers which may prefer to cling to the inside of a roughened wall.

Bluebirds are much more likely to winter-over if they are kept warm and well fed. The Bluebird Haven built-in Dispensers allow you to feed and water your Bluebirds without going outdoors. This feature is part of our Minimal Disturbance Design.

Bluebird Haven will fit Double-hung Windows 12" wide or more. We don't recommend painting them, as natural wood seems to be more attractive to most cavity-nesting birds than are vinyl, metal, or painted surfaces. 

We do recommend that the window holding the Bluebird Haven be fitted with a sheer curtain or Venetian Blind. This will allow you to monitor their activity but minimize disturbance of the Blue Birds.

The Lid is easily removed from inside your room to change the Cedar Chip or cat-litter bedding. Cedar is well known as an insect repellent and will help keep the Roost Box clean and dry. 
PolyFoam Seals are included to prevent drafts.

Hand-crafted in Pennsylvania's Amish country.
Each pre-assembled unit contains:

 1 - Bluebird Haven Roost and Diner
 1 - White MealWorm and Berry Dispenser
 1 - White Water Fountain assembly
 1 - Wooden Window-Spacer kit
 1 - PolyFoam Seal kit
 1 - Cedar Chips Bedding kit
 Complete Instructions, 
      with hints and tips on attracting and feeding Bluebirds.

Bluebird Haven Roost and Diner is a must 
for anyone who wants to protect their Bluebirds 
from the perils encountered in a long migration flight.

A plus is that; Bluebirds will be available
to consume those cold-blooded insects 
which venture out on Sunny Winter days.

Our Lifetime Guarantee

1 Bluebird Haven Roost and Diner
Price: 1 for $84.50 . . . plus $8.50 shipping

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