Brown Creeper Nest Box

This Brown Creeper is nearly invisible until it is silhouetted by the sky.

The solid front, hinges out for cleaning; while the back contains the Brown Creepers' entrance slot (Right, above), next to the Tree Bark where the Brown Creeper builds its nest in nature.

The Yoke Cutout will accommodate any sized tree, but those with a diameter of 12" and greater,
seem to be preferred by the Brown Creepers. The coarser and shaggier the Bark, the better.


This Nest Box is made especially for Brown Creepers. It's made with our Tree Gripper Design, which uses no metal fasteners to damage the tree. A soft Rubber Hanger holds it securely.

Song Birds need Salt: Bird Salt Feeder
This attractive and  unique Brown Creeper Nest Box mimics the natural sites the Brown Creeper chooses for its nest.

We also make Tree-Gripper Nest Boxes for other species. HERE.

These are the finest Wooden Garden Products 
that we know how to make. 

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Beginning August 2007, all Bird Houses are made to also accommodate gentle Solitary Bees, because of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) which has infected Honey Bees.

Hand-crafted in Pennsylvania's Amish country
Select dense Native Woods
Made from 100% kiln dried lumber 

Smooth machine-sanded
Attractive Roof Curvature Detail
Edges are hand sanded 

No Nails or Screws penetrate the Roof to admit rain. 
The Ceiling is designed with Tunnels for Solitary Bee Pollinators.
Our Insect Grabber is attached to the ceiling
to trap Wasps and Insects which victimize Nestlings.
The swing-out Front Panel is attractively recessed.
A Lifetime Vinyl Catch holds the Front Panel securely.
Summer cooling is provided by top ventilation. 

Designed to tilt forward slightly for drainage.
Includes the Rubber Hanger and Plastic-coated Copper Wire. 
Wooden parts are joined with Galvanized Screws,
or 100% waterproof GORILLA GLUE

Complete Instructions, with Hints and Tips on usage.

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"Cost is not determined on the day of Purchase,
but on the day of Replacement !"

Our Lifetime Guarantee
Remember your Friends who would love to have one.

One (1) Brown Creeper Nest Box
Price: 1 for $39.85 . . . plus Actual Postage :
( 15" X 12" X 9" ) - 7 pounds from Zip Code 17831 )
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