Brown Creepers
This Bird can be seen creeping up the bark of Trees in search of Insects and their Eggs. It uses its stiff tail feathers for support.

This tiny Wren-sized Insectivore methodically inspects the nooks and crannies of Tree Bark in search of Inscects which damage trees. The one above is nearly invisible, until it silhouettes against the contrasting background (insert).

They can be found across the United States wherever there are dying Trees with loose Bark to conceal Insects and their Eggs and also provide a place for the Brown Creeper Nest.

In nature, they build a hammock-shaped nest in the crevice formed by loose bark hanging from Trees. It's comical to see the young take their first "creeps" up a Tree.

Brown Creeper Birds, Brown Creeper.jpg makes and sells a special Tree-Gripper Nest Box which mimics its natural woodland nesting site. 

We also make and sell Tree-Gripper Nest Boxes for other species

These Nest Boxes fasten to the Tree with a soft Rubber Hanger which does not damage the Trees like Nails and Screws do.

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