Bug Killer, Organic:
I'm not fond of canned chemicals, even if they are said to only mess up the mating instincts. The Japanese Beetle Attractant is near the top of my harmless list. But when the trap filled with dead beetles and fly maggots, and there were a dozen beetles on my miniature Hollyhocks, I wanted a quick fix.
I was delighted to discover that Vegetable Cooking Oil will quickly disable Beetles, Weevils,  chewing Larvae, and most garden Insect Pests. Put a couple tablespoons of oil in an open container. I like an old wok, but most anything will do. Above is a plastic salad container.

Then just brush or shake the critters into the container, where they will quickly cover themselves and be immobilized by the oil. It gets in their breathing apparatus and suffocates them in nothing flat. No chemicals, no storage concerns, no cost.