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Butterfly Mint

This spectacular plant attracts Butterflies like no other.
The many Pollinating Bees are an added plus in your Garden.

Alive with fluttering wings and buzzing Pollinators.

NO other plant attracts SO many Butterflies.
Expect to see new species attracted to it.
Honey Bees love this multiflora plant.
A magnet for Solitary Bees.
Blooms the first year.
Long blooming season.
Makes a very flavorful Tea.

Easy to grow and propagate.
We ship strong healthy Roots.
Spreads by trailing underground.
Perennial: blooms year after year.
You will absolutely love this plant.
Wonderful fragrance rubbed on your hands,
or carried in your shirt pocket.

Planting Instructions with Propagation Tips.

You will be delighted at the diversity of pollinators attracted to this plant.

Three strong Roots.
$19.85 + $3.85 Shipping & Handling

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