Calamondin Orange Drink

Dwarf Calamondin Oranges can be grown indoors in cold climates. They make an attractive addition to any Sunroom. The flowers are Very fragrant, and the fruit is tiny but pretty and flavorful.  They can be washed and eaten, but you may prefer to use them in a drink to dilute the overwhelming citrus flavor.

A Recipe for the drink is to make your favorite Lemonade,
but substitute Calamondin Orange Extract for Lemon juice.

Extract Recipe: Put as much water by weight as whole, washed Calamondin Oranges in a blender. Blend until there are no chunks visible. Remove the seeds and solids. Use the remaining Extract in place of Lemon juice to make your Citrus Drink. Taste it, and add Sweetener or Extract to suit your particular taste buds.