Dog Washer

Cat Washer

This device will simplify washing your Cat,
by holding it gently and securely in Tub or Shower.

Having a holding power of over 100 pounds,
it can also be used to restrain frisky Dogs.

This holding device may make the job of Cat-washing a breeze, depending on your Cat.
The more often you use it, the more accustomed your Cat will become,
and the less resistance it will demonstrate as you bathe it.

More than half the job is holding the Cat. This is like having another pair of hands.
In usage, the Cat is tied short enough to prevent it from wandering around.
Chances are that it will purr as it's given a soapy massage in warm water.

Rinse it well with clean warm water, being careful not to get any in its ears,
and paying special attention to the throat area, which is easy to miss.

Then dry it with the towel and turn it loose to shake its feet

1 - Holding Device with 2 Rubber Suction Cups.
1 - Rein to fasten the Cat to the Holding Device.
1 - Bottle of Cat or Dog Shampoo (your choice).
1 - Drying Towel.
1 - Free Surprise.

with Rein, Shampoo, Towel and Surprise.
$34.85 + $8.00 S & H

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