Chestnut Bugs and Blights

American Chestnut Trees are virtually extinct due to Blight. This previously very popular wood is found in buildings and furniture, but not in woodlots. There was no chemical defense against Endothia parasitica, which wiped out the species. We still have Twig Canker which causes brown discoloration on twigs. The only defense is removing affected twigs and branches. Most other diseases are minor, and will not require chemical intervention.

Chestnut Weevils lay their eggs in the ripening nuts. When the nuts fall to the ground the eggs hatch, and the larvae eat their way out of the nuts and burrow into the ground. Sevin is used to control adult Weevils. Chickens fenced under Chestnut Trees will eat the emerging larvae, which will diminish the population over time. Cooking picked nuts in 120 F. water for a half hour will kill most eggs and larvae.


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