The Worlds' greatest Chestnut Processor: 

This unique Processor quickly separates Chestnuts on their Midline,
which makes them pop out of their Cooked, Roasted, or Microwaved Shells.
. . . AND the Skin is cleanly removed with the Shell !!

PLUS:  it finds "Bad" Chestnuts for you! * 

A Great time-saving Gift idea
for your Gourmet and Gardening Friends.

Hand-Crafted of Native Hardwoods, which will naturally differ from this photo: 

Most of the Cooked Chestnuts on the left have floated their Shells in boiling water. The Oven-Roasted Nuts on the right are loose and ready to fall out. Oven-Roasted Chestnuts take on a special crunchy Peanut texture when they are Processed. In either method, the Skins are cleanly removed with the Shells.

ChestnutMagic uses the same Steam Pressure which causes cooking Chestnuts to Explode, to push them from their Shells. But if a Shell has a Worm hole or is cracked (which may allow harmful Bacteria to enter), then the Steam will escape through that opening and will not push the Chestnut from its Shell. 

Nuts that fail to pop out of their Shells are most likely Bad. 
An exception is Twin Nuts; like a double-yolk Egg. They have an
extra Membrane which occasionally prevents the Nut from emerging. 

Worms may be inside Chestnuts even though there is no hole as evidence. Worm Holes are made by the exiting worm on its way to the Soil,
where is continues its life cycle.

However, most Bad Nuts should be detected at the time they are halved by ChestnutMagic. So those Bad Nuts will not be cooked with the good Nuts. 


FAST ! - ChestnutMagic will process about 8 Chestnuts
while someone is puncturing and peeling only 1 Chestnut.

SAFE - Eliminates stab wounds from trying to puncture and peel slippery Chestnuts. Shells AND Skins pop off of Roasted, Microwaved, or Cooked Nuts.  PLUS : every ChestnutMagic is both Left and Right-handed.

QUALITY - The Base is made of the finest #1 Pennsylvania Forest Hardwoods, and Hand-crafted in the Susquehanna Valley Amish Country.
A protective and attractive Hand-rubbed Oil Finish is applied.

TOUGH - Genuine Royal Norfolk Stainless Steel Cutlery with
Riveted Wooden Handle. This rugged Kitchen Tool can be used
out under the Chestnut Tree.
 Very environmentally friendly;
it uses no Batteries or Electricity.

EASY - Instant disassembly for easy cleaning.
Care-and-usage Instructions, Tips, and Recipes.
Lifetime material and workmanship Guarantee to the original owner.

This Original ChestnutMagic is only sold right here:

One (1) ChestnutMagic
Price: $19.85
S & H: $6.25


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