Picking Chestnuts

Chestnuts are a late summer treat that I always looked forward to. But I never looked forward to pricked fingers. Rule #1 for picking Chestnuts is "Wear Shoes". Those seed pods or Chestnut Burrs seem determined to "getcha". Of course nuts picked up at Super Markets avoid the pain. Chestnuts can be harvested with gloved hands, but the debris that is picked up is a nuisance, so I devised my own method.

Picking Chestnuts is not like picking apples. You don't climb a ladder into the Tree; rather you pick them off the ground. When they're ripe, they drop. Isn't that thoughtful of them ?

Use a Tongs like those that take corn-on-the-cob out of boiling water. Pick up the burrs by the lip as shown above and tap them against the inside of a Bucket until the Nuts are released. Liberated Nuts can also be picked up with the Tongs, but you may have to tighten the gripper pads to accommodate the smaller Nuts.

Be on the lookout for small round worm holes like the Chestnut on the left above.
This indicates that a Worm has left the Chestnut,
and it left nothing inside of value.

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