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Chocolate Corn Muffin Recipe

Created by
especially for Chocolate Lovers.

Try our Chocolate Corn Muffin with a cup of Milk.

If you like the texture and nutritional benefits of Corn Muffins,
but think the flavor has something to be desired,
then you may love our variation.

You have three options to this tasty Corn Muffin variation:
Use your favorite Corn Muffin Recipe.
Use a box of pre-mixed ingredients.
Start from scratch.
If you use the first two options, then all you do is add:

1 - Tablespoon of granulated Sugar
1 - Packet of Hot Chocolate Mix
for every six Muffins.

Or start from Scratch:

If you Really Love Chocolate, you may want to try TWO packs of Hot chocolate Mix.
Also try adding 2 Tablespoons of Chopped Peanuts.

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