Citrus Propagation

This 2-leafed cutting has developed 5" of new growth.

The easiest plant I have ever propagated is Citrus. Seeds, cuttings, or grafts seem to take as though there is a magic potion in the sap. My first attempt was a sprouted seed that greeted my from a cut Grapefruit. I lack the ability to discard a sprouting seed, so I dove into everything I could find about dwarfing a Grapefruit Tree in my living room.

This is the same plant two months later

I have since taken cuttings from dwarf Citrus and planted them indoors with great success. I dipped the cut stem in Rooting Hormone out of habit. Citrus would rather be in dry soil than to be in wet soil. The love sunshine. Their natural range tends to have sandy soil which provides exceptional drainage. When the leaves begin to curl, I give them a drink.

If for no other reason, I would have dwarf Citrus in my living room for the fragrance of the blossoms. The first morning's step into a dark living room will tell you if a Citrus blossom has opened during the night. If you plant to have fruit, it is best to hand-pollunate the blossoms with a small soft artist's brush. They are hungry plants; fertilize them regularly.

Myers Lemon produces full-sized fruit on a 3' plant.
Calamondin Orange gives 1-1/2" fruit that is Very citrusy ! ! It makes a CitrusDrink with a taste somewhere between Lemonade and Orange juice.

I'm trying to dwarf a Mango which is now 4' high.  The seed was half as big as a fist when I removed it from the fruit I bought in a grocery store. I prune it often to keep it from becoming a 40' tree. One of theses days, I'll have to repot it and prune the roots.