Cleome is a fragrant, airy annual in colors of White, Pink, Purple, and Red.

Cleome grows 3-4 feet tall, but the specimen shown above got 7 feet tall with the addition of Rabbit manure to the soil. It is easily grown from its tiny seeds which you can collect.

The insert top-left shows the 3-4" green seed Pods which will turn brown and split open to release the seeds, where they will self-reproduce the following spring.

If you collect the seeds when you see the brown Pod split open, you can sow them outdoors or indoors in pots. When the Seedlings get 2" tall, carefully repot them individually into 6" pots.

Keep them watered in a sunny location for planting outdoors after there is no chance of Spring Frost.

Manure Tea is a great natural plant Food
Learn how to make it HERE.

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