This 30-foot Creosote Remover is used inside the building;
Not on a cold, slippery, windy Roof.
It stores in its own Reel, and fits in a Drawer.

If you see smoke coming out the Automatic Draft Regulator of your Wood Burner or Coal Stove, or smell Smoke or Sulphur inside your Building; then this Chimney Sweeper may save your building, or even your Life.

Creosote causes Chimney Fires and House Fires. Anyone with a Wood Burner or Coal Stove should own this unique Emergency Device. It costs Much less than an Emergency Call
to a Chimney Sweep.

Be sure to read our Disclaimer

The Automatic Damper is a good place to gain access
(after the Damper is removed with its attached pipe).
Some Stoves have a Clean-out which can be used.

There is less chance of plugging up the chimney by going up from the bottom than down from the top. It allows Creosote to fall down inside the Wood Burner, instead of plugging the Chimney tighter.

Creosote buildup occurs where the Chimney cools enough to cause Smoke Particles to condense on the Chimney walls. This spot may be inside the structure, or just above the roof line. The cool Creosote itself, then invites additional Creosote buildup which eventually plugs the Chimney.

Thirty Feet long; self-storing Reel.
Your Choice of 5/6-inch or 8-inch size.

1 - Remove all Coals and Ashes from your Stove
2 - Remove the Automatic Draft Regulator assembly,
 including the attached horizontal Stove Pipe.
3 - Put a container inside the Stove

to catch Chimney debris.
4 - Put the Hose from a running Vacuum Cleaner
inside the Stove.
5 - Carefully feed the Creosote Chisel up the Chimney
until you feel an obstruction.
6 - Then repeatedly lower the stiff Wire 4" to 6" and
 forcefully ram the Chisel up against the obstruction.
7 - It may take 10 to 20 rams to gain each inch.
8 - If the Chisel seems to get stuck, don't use force
to retrieve it; gently jiggle it up and down
until it finds the return path.

This is an emergency Chimney cleaning Tool.
A qualified Chimney Pro can inspect your Chimney for dangerous faults. There is no substitute for a competent Cleaning and Inspection.

5-inch or 8-inch; your choice.
$49.85 plus $7.00 S&H

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