Cuttings Carrier

If you are a Propagator or Grafter who collects Cuttings, Scions, or Buds, 
then these simple ideas will surely increase your success ratio. 

It is critical that Propagation Material be kept moist at all times.

Airtight plastic Snap-top Boxes and Zipper Bags can maintain the moisture of your Propagation material, but the air inside the Container will rob some of the Cutting's moisture.

To prevent this, keep a dampened Sponge inside the Container. Additional moisture can be introduced by misting the Cuttings and the inside of the Container with a Spray Bottle.

Using Fungicide instead of water will help deter those microorganisms that are responsible for many Propagation failures. Misting the Propagation Materials just prior to usage will increase the protection. Dipping them in Fungicide may be even more effective.

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