Distilling Campsite Water

Whether you camp by a Mountain Stream or a Campsite Hydrant,
this inexpensive Distillery can calm your concerns of the Water quality,
. . . b
esides, it's easy and fun to do.

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Distillation removes most contaminants,
including Viruses and Bacteria.
But it does not remove petroleum derivatives,
which have boiling points lower than Water.
Many such derivatives will float as an oily film,
and can be poured off before distillation begins.
Or fill the Pressure Cooker with a Jug
held upside-down so derivatives float on the top . . . 
The heart of this Distiller can be found at Flea Markets for a dollar or two.
A used one with a missing Pressure Control will do just fine.
But be sure it has the rubber Lid Gasket.
You will need a coil of 3/8" Copper Tubing
An Adapter to fasten it to the Pressure cooker Spout
A Propane Burner, Camp Fire, or other heat source.
The 3/8" Copper tubing can be shaped around a gallon Paint Can. If you plan to fabricate it for storage inside the Pressure Cooker, then make sure it will fit.

A 7" diameter 3/8" Copper Coil which is 20' long will measure about 6" tall, and will fit inside most Pressure Cookers. The Tubing should spiral gently downward so no water gets trapped in it.

The minimum Tubing length is ten feet, but 20 feet is more effective. If steam comes out the end of the Tubing, then it is not long enough to condense 100% of the steam, or you are boiling the water too hard.

The Adapter can be anything which forms a tight seal to prevent steam from escaping. A piece of flexible Rubber Tubing may suffice. Or a soldered Fitting found at Home-improvement Super Stores may fit the Pressure Cooker Spout. Take the Lid with you to find an Adapter that fits snugly.

You should test it on the Kitchen Range to be sure it works ok,
before you take it to a Campsite.
Half fill the Pressure Cooker with questionable campsite Water.
Bring the water to a gentle boil.

The colder the air temperature is, the more effective the Distiller will be, since the Copper Tubing will be cooler and condense the steam more readily.

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