Dog Feeder Plans
If you want to take a weekend vacation,
This foolproof feeder will feed Fido for you.

You will need:

  • 1 - Dog Dish
  • 3 - Phillips Screws
  • 1 - Drain Pipe (diameter X length = capacity)
  • 1 - Filler Can



    To make this Fido Feeder, first fasten the dish to the floor Firmly.
    I used one screw through the center. Then Cut a piece of drain pipe to fit the angle of the dish, or use a reducer on the bottom end to direct the FidoFood into the dish.

    Drill  hanging holes about 2" from either end of the pipe to fit your hanging screws. Then drill 2 opposite holes just big enough to admit your Phillips Screwdriver through the pipe. Screw the pipe to an upright with 2 screws.

    Fill the pipe to make sure FidoFood flows from the bottom, but does not overflow onto the floor. I push the filler can, open end down, in the top of the pipe to help keep the FidoFood fresh while I'm fighting the freeway fools.