Dog Hip and Joint Medication
Very effective medication in the form of a treat.
Trick old Fido into losing his limp.

GardenGrapevines' 13-year old Moocher went from limping to trotting in two days.
This stuff really works. We could hardly believe the improvement in our Moocher.
We give it our full endorsement.

If your old dog is losing its appetite,
there is a good chance that these medicated treats will improve it, too.

 - Glucosamine
 - Chondroitin
 - Antioxidants
 - Vitamin C
 - Vitamin E
- 100% proteinated Minerals;
   Zinc, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Cobalt

One Medicated Treat per 10 pounds of Dog Weight.
(Contains a 3-months supply for a 20-pound dog)

Complete Instructions and Hot Tips.

Includes a useful free gift

Four resealable Bags
One pound (about 200 medicated treats)

$19.85  + $5.85 shipping.

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