Don't wear RED!

Many Insect garden pests are attracted to bright colors. Red, Orange, Yellow, and Blue may be favorites of your local Bug and Bovine populations. So it may be best to reserve your Hawaiian garb for field trips which stear clear of fields and Steers.

While you may invite the attention of Butterflies, many of their unwelcome cousins may make a nuisance of themselves if you invite them with their favorite colors. Even the Bull in the Farmer's pasture may come through the fence to impress upon you his attraction to RED!

Black and other dark colors seem to attract Ticks which may carry Lyme Disease. If you live in an area inhabited by these blood suckers, it may be a good idea to wear socks which allow pants to be tucked inside to deter these disease carrying critters.

White may be your best bet. Not only is it insect-neutral, but it also reflects the Sun's rays, making it a cool choice for Gardeners. If oversize clothing is worn, it will allow for ventilation of body heat and put some distance between your skin and the flying biters.

Selection of a hat with a wide brim will protect your nose and ears from sunburn. Straw Hats are light and cool and relatively comfortable, and the large brim provides a good place to spray Citronella or other insect repellant. Or use a cotton swab as a scent evaporator.

Speaking of Scents; your favorite deodorant or perfume may cause some buzzing critters to make a bee-line for the source. So unless you welcome "Bees in your Bonnet", it may be best to wear something less attractive.

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