Easy Dutch Oven Bread

This Bread Dough is easy because it needs no kneading.
Your hands never touch the sticky Dough.

But start-to-finish is 12 + 2 + 1 hours.
While the Dough does its thing,
you can do your thing.

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You will need a Heavy 2-quart Bowl with Lid (Pyrex, Ceramic, Cast Iron, etc.)
to make this perfect Loaf of chewy, crisp-crusted Organic Bread.
A clear Bowl will allow you to monitor the browning progress.

Dissolve 2 teaspoons Salt
and 1/4 teaspoon Dry Yeast
in 1-1/2 cups warm water
mix well.

Blend in 3 cups Flour with a Table Knife.
Cover with Lid or Cling Wrap.

Here the ingredients have been combined and blended.
The Dough will rise for about 12 hours.
A clear mixing Bowl may help you determine when  the Dough is ready,
by allowing you to see trapped Bubbles.

Here the covered Dough has risen about 12 hours and is dotted with Bubbles.
Note that the top is rounded by trapped Bubbles of air.

The time of 12 hours will vary depending on many conditions of Flour,
humidity, water hardness, exact room temperature, etc.
But whenever it doubles and Bubbles, it's ready.

If the Bubbles burst before you discover them, you will see others still trapped in the Dough, by looking through your clear Bowl.
And the top will not be rounded, but flat or sunken.

Scrape the dough away from the sides of the Bowl to the center,
as you keep rotating the bowl. The Dough will be very stringy,
and air Bubbles will escape making the Dough ball much smaller.

Then tilt the Bowl over on its side and scrape the ball toward you.
Dust the top of the ball so it does not stick,
when you roll the ball to the opposite side.
Then dust the new exposed side. 

You can skip that last paragraph,
but it is done to help prevent the damp Dough,
from sticking to the Kitchen Towel in the following step.

Dump the prepared Dough onto a 24-inch long Kitchen Towel,
which is liberally dusted with Flour.
Sprinkle just enough Flour on the Dough,
so it doesn't stick to the Table Knife. Then fold the Dough over on itself
from left, right, top, and bottom as shown.

Next lift one end of the Towel straight up
to make the Dough roll over with its folds on the bottom.
Be sure there is enough Flour on the Towel to prevent sticking.

Then place the Towel with Dough in an 8 or 9-inch Pie Plate or Frying Pan,
to confine and shape it as it rises 2 hours at room temperature.

Then fold the opposite end of the towel loosely over the Dough Ball.
Allow it to rest for two hours at room temperature (70 F. to 75 F.)

Now wash the mixing Bowl immediately !!
Wheat Flour is full of Gluten.
Guess where the word "Glue" comes from.

After 2 hours, it should have doubled in size.

15 minutes before the two hours are up, preheat your Oven to 450 F.
Have the Bowl and removed Lid heating inside the Oven.
This step is very important.

Put your hand under the Towel and lift the Dough Ball,
so you can shake excess Flour from the Towel.
Then roll the Dough Ball over into the heated Bowl,
so the folded side of the Dough Ball is on top again.
Cover it with the heated Lid.

Bake at 450 F. until the bottom begins to brown (about 25 minutes).
Remove the Lid and bake until top is golden brown (about 15 minutes).
Remove the Bread from the Bowl,
and put it on a Cooling Rack for 1 hour.
Produces a 1-1/2 pound Loaf.

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To slice a round Loaf,
put it on a Cutting Board and cut it in half (Insert above).
That will give you 2 Loaves that are flat on their cut bottom,
and shaped like a Volkswagen Bug.

Then slice straight down through the Crust.
This Bread is great toasted,
or heated in a Microwave (covered).

Buttered, the little end Crusts
are just right with a Bowl of Soup.

If your house is cool, you can speed up the 12-hour process,
by putting the Bowl in a 75 F. Oven,
or on a Heating Pad,
or in warm water.

If your floured Towel is dry, with no Dough sticking to it,
you can save it in a plastic bag for the next Loaf 

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