Winterize Lawn and Garden Engines

It's quick and easy to prevent Springtime problems.

Most Repair Shops agree that hard Springtime starting is caused in the Fall.
Lawn Mowers, Weed Wackers, Tillers, Snow Blowers, and Garden Tractors
are usually retired for the season by parking them in the corner,
and turning off the Engine.

One season is enough time for the gasoline to turn "rotten". A condition where it loses its volatility and makes it less explosive inside the engine. This alone will cause hard starting. Several seasons will turn properties of gasoline to "varnish" or sludge which coats Gas Tanks and Float Bowls, and clogs Fuel Lines and Carburetors.

It's quick and easy to prevent these problems: With the engine cold, remove as much fuel as possible. Then start and idle the engine until it stops running. This is an indication that the fuel system is empty. If there is a water/sediment Bowl, remove and clean it. There will be minimal fuel left to create deposits. 

Remove the oil-drain plug and allow the warm oil to drain into a recycling container. Refill the engine with fresh oil according to the Owner's Manual. 
Then remove the old Spark Plug and put a half-teaspoon of oil in the hole. An oil can or  soda straw works well for this. Insert a straw into Motor Oil. Then put a finger over the top of the straw. Put the bottom of the straw in the spark plug hole and release your finger. The oil will flow out of the straw and into the cylinder. Then s-l-o-w-l-y pull the starter rope two times. This will coat the internal parts with a film of oil. This is most effective if the Spark Plug hole is held straight up.

Replace the spark plug with a new one. Remove the Air Cleaner and clean or replace it, according to the Manufacturers' instructions. 

Next season the Engine should start on the first or second try. It is normal for the engine to smoke for a minute, because of the oil you put in the Spark Plug hole.

It may be a good idea to hang your Machine above the ground
to prevent Mice from doing their many destructive acts.

Burger King does not mind
if you take a Soda Straw home.

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