This unique Tool was designed by
to harvest more and larger Nut pieces.
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This specialized Tool was designed for one purpose;
to quickly release Nuts from the Shell without breaking the Nuts.
No longer are Nuts lost in nooks and crannies of the Shell,
but are quickly released with our unique Tool.

Whether you crack Black Walnuts with a Black Walnut Cracker, Hammer, Vise,  or by stomping them with your bare feet.
This is a must-have Tool, if
you want to quickly retrieve
more and bigger Nut pieces.

The Nut Nipper is not limited to Black Walnuts,
but works just as well on Brazil Nuts and others, too.

If you order one within 3 days of ordering other Black Walnut products,
then we will ship the Nut Nipper with no extra charge for S & H.

Available only from Black Walnut King,
A Division of

Its special tip puts tremendous pressure on a tiny area of the brittle Shell,
causing it to fracture unexpectedly. You will be delighted
with the speed and efficiency of our unique Tool.

1 Nut Nipper
$14.85 + $4.85 S & H

Nut Nipper is also included in our Walnut Wacker Kit.

"Where you get what you pay for, and a little bit more"

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