Dog Wheelchair
. . . with NO Wheels; for Country Dogs.

If  your handicapped pet likes to explore areas
far away from sidewalks and  manicured lawns,
then our Custom Sled may put a wag in its tail.

There are no Wheel Axles and Spokes to get caught in sticks and vines,
or Tires to pick up other stuff, and drop down into depressions.
No Axles needing Oil, or Tires to replace.

The smooth Runners pull easily, and are replaceable.
And the frame and Harness adjust to fit your Pet perfectly.

Our Dog Sled is designed for handicapped Pets which like to explore off the beaten path.
The replaceable smooth Runners are made to slide over rough terrain without getting hung up.

They will not pick up stuff like tire tread does, and are easily wiped clean.
Made of tough PVC plastic to absorb abuse and punishment.
It collapses for storage and transport.

Fabricated in five strengths:
Up to 30 pound Dogs - to 60 pounds - to 90 pounds - to 120 pounds - over 120 pounds.
Custom made to your Pets measurements. Allow 30 days for shipping.
Includes partial-assembly instructions and a useful Free Gift.

Three measurements are required. How LONG, HIGH, and WIDE the Sled enclosure will be.
We will add to your measurements to allow for movements and the Harness.

The LENGTH of the Sled enclosure is the distance from the back end of your Dog
to the front Shoulder where the Neck starts to rise.

How HIGH the enclosure is; measured from the centerline of your Dogs Body to the Ground.

You can accurately measure how WIDE your dog is by opening a door so the Dog can barely get through,
 and then measure the opening.

Sled for Dogs to 30 pounds.

$58.85  + $14.85 S&H

Sled for Dogs to 60 pounds.

$108.85  + $18.35 S&H

Sled for Dogs to 90 pounds.

$158.85  + $21.85 S&H

Sled for Dogs to 120 pounds.

$208.85  + $25.35 S&H

Sled for Dogs over 120 pounds.

$258.85  + $28.85 S&H

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