Fruit Fly Trap

This Simple device will trap Fruit Flies (Sour Flies) in your kitchen.

This Trap is made by putting a small amount of Grape, Apple, or other Fruit Juice in a small plastic container with a hole punched in the lid. Fruit Flies will enter the hole and be unable to find their way out, eventually drowning in the liquid. Traps may be most effective when placed near Fruit.

Fresh Fruit and some Vegetables (notably Tomatoes) are attractive to Fruit Flies. Fruit brought into the home will attract these tiny flies which may buzz around your face if you have eaten Fruit recently. They seem to appear as if by magic. The riper the Fruit, the greater seems to be the attraction. 

Vinegar is a good substitute for Fruit Juice. Condiment containers, made for restaurants to serve Ketchup and Sauces, make a great Trap. A drop of Dishwashing Detergent in the attractant will cause the Flies to sink.

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