Fruit Tree Squirrel Guard
This trick may save some Fruit from the local Squirrels,
Chipmunks, Woodchucks, and other Furry Foragers.

This Peach Tree has its lower branches draped with Bird Netting to deter the
Bushy-tailed thieves.
It is held in place by its twigs or wire or string.
Note that the Limb Prop on the right is also protected.

Squirrels have been know to clean off a back-yard fruit tree in short order. They can be relentless and ingenious in their determination. They will climb the trunk,
jump up to a low-hanging branch, or drop down from the limb of a nearby tree. 

It is best to keep very low branches pruned off to avoid an easy path for these predators. The Netting shown above was successful in this instance, but somewhere there is probably a determined Squirrel that would not be deterred by this strange-feeling material underfoot.

Most Garden Centers carry Bird Netting, or can get it for you.
At todays Fruit prices, it doesn't take long to recover the cost.

When you remove the Bird Netting, store it in a knotted plastic bag.
It's much easier to untie the bag, than to remove the mummified remains
of a Mouse next season.

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