Barrel Wood Burner Plans
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"How to select a Lid and Locking Mechanism."

The Lid/Door is just as important as the Barrel.
Make sure it fits easily or it will fight you every day !

Some Lids are made with a raised portion in the center.
This is not suitable for our Wood Burner Door.
Be sure your Lid is flat, as shown below.

Figure 4 above, shows a good strong Locking Mechanism.
Make sure the clamping ring is not deformed or damaged.
Also make sure the Locking Latch is not broken or damaged.

The 3 Rivets in the mechanism (insert) should not be sloppy, and it should clamp the Door on tightly.  This mechanism will be at the top of the Barrel when it is placed horizontally on its Stand.

Figure 5 shows 3 different Lid-clamping Ring assemblies. #1 shows a short-handled version which is not adequate for a Wood Burner. #2 shows a long-levered model which is OK for our purposes.

#3 is a different style shown with the end of the Lever bent up at right angles so it is easy to grasp when it sticks out from the Door. NOTE that the end of the Locking Latch is bent back slightly so it will hold the Locking Lever securely.
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