Garden Tires

Discarded Tires may work Magic in your Garden.
They can also be planted on sloping land to minimize erosion.

Plants grown in and between discarded car tires can help:

Very few weeds will grow from the minimal openings between Plants and Tires, making the weeding chore much easier.

Tires shield the moist soil from from the evaporative effects of Sun and Wind, yet they allow rain to reach the soil.

The action of Earthworms and their neighbors may limit your need for cultivating, much as Mulch does.
*Early Crops-
Hot sunshine will warm up the black Tires and help fend off the damaging effects of unexpected cold Spring nights.

*Late Crops-
Like early crops, late crops are similarly protected until the cold of winter overcomes the warming effect of the Tires.

*Potatoes are planted in Tires by laying Seed Potatoes on the ground, center a Tire over the Potatoes, and cover the Potatoes with 3" of soil. As the Potato Plants grow, stack more Tires and soil until you have a Potato Plant peeking over 4 or 5 Tires. 

Keep the tire soil damp. In the Autumn, when the Plants turn brown, simply upset the stacked tires and harvest the new potatoes. Some varieties respond to this method more favorably than others.

You may benefit even more if you fill the tires with water. Any garage that sells Farm Tractor Tires should have facilities to fill Tires with liquid. Farmers routinely fill tractor Tires with liquid Calcium to increase weight and traction.

In use, Tires are placed against each other with the nearest side of the wheel to the ground. Seeds or Plants are placed in a hole made in the center of the tire, and also in the space created where three tires touch each other.

Wrestling water-filled Tires is not an easy task, but if you have a husky helper who will trade their treadmill time for your Garden chores, you just may have hit on some Garden Magic here. Remember to do something nice for your Wrestler.

Some plants will benefit from this welcome warmth  more than others will, but chances are that you will notice an extended growing season, if you try this method of season extension.

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