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We designed a Dog Wheelchair for Pets that like to explore areas away from the sidewalks and manicured Lawns
without getting hung up in sticks and vines.

It has no Axles to Oil or Tires to pump or replace.
Five adjustable sizes to fit every dog . Collapses for storage and transport. Replaceable Runners.
Dog Hip and Joint Medicated Treats.
If you hate the chore of  giving medication,
these Medicated Treats are the answer.

They are used for Joint and Appetite problems.

Endorsed by
Dog Food - Home made.
Made from table scraps and Bones
or choice cuts from a Butcher.

No preservatives or artificial anything.
Great for pets with poor appetite.
Naturally appetizing,
Our Pet Grave Marker is made of Black Locust Wood, Famous for its longevity as Fence Posts.

It is inscribed by hand, and treated with Water Repellent.
Gentle Mason and Leaf-Cutter Pollinators
for your Garden or Berry Patch.
We ship wood Solitary Bee Tunnels with Eggs sealed inside.

Everything you need to raise these Super Pollinators,
that collect up to 80 times as much Pollen as a Honey Bee,
which is too busy collecting Nectar for Honey.
Solitary Bee Houses will attract the many species of these very efficient Pollinators to youe Garden.

Solitary Bees are gentle, and not inclined to sting. They require no special attention as Honey Bees do. Several models available
Observation Tunnels for Solitary Bees.

Students and Scouts can watch Pollen being stored, Eggs laid, Larvae hatching and maturing through the clear plastic window.
We have a limited number of these
very scarce WHITE Chicory Seeds.
Garden Walker-Barrow Plans.

For Gardeners who are unable to load or lift a Wheelbarrow.
Shopping Cart style Handle Bar, supports the user.
Our Low Design is easy to load and unload.

Very stable. Can not upset or fall over.
Easy to make by you, or a local Handyman.
This WoodBarrow  will load and move a lot of Firewood easily. Recycled from any wheelbarrow, it quickly becomes indispensable to WoodBurner owners.
This Butterfly Rearing Kit contains everything you need
to raise and study Monarch and other Butterflies,
in the Class Room or Scout Den. You only add an enjoyable Field Trip, to collect the Butterfly Caterpillars.

Children can learn about Conservation, Record Keeping, Naval Time, and how to add and subtract minutes, hours, and days.
Tomato Worm Killers for your Garden.
These tiny stingless Wasps lay their eggs on Tomato Worms.
They will reproduce year after year to provide natural control of Tomato Worms and other Garden Pests.
Praying Mantis Eggs will hatch into garden Predators to destroy flying and crawling Insect pests in your garden. Each Egg Case contains many dozens of Eggs.
This Very Visible Bike Reflector is a must-have for every bike that is exposed to the hazard of public roadways.
Stop Bike Brake Pad Squeal with these Easy Free Plans.
Add a pair of these simple Tapered Washers to the squealing Brake Pad Mounting Bolt.
White Heirloom Peach Seeds.
Grow white Heirloom Peaches from scratch.
Heirloom Seeds produce fruit like the Peaches they came from. Unlike Hybrid Seeds which produce unpredictable fruit. Instructions.
Butterfly Mint attracts Butterflies and Pollinators like no other plant.

We ship strong Roots which spread underground,
and may be divided to propagate more Butterfly Mints.
 Bug Killer
This Bug Killer does NOT poison Plant Tissues or Food Crops. It is NOT absorbed by Roots, causing the Plant to become poisonous. Bugs are NOT killed by eating the Fruit or Foliage.

It is most effective when sprayed directly on munching Worms and Caterpillars. It kills most Worms and Caterpillars, many flying Insects, and some Beetles.

You add only Water to make one Gallon or 48 Gallons.
These Barrel Wood Burner Plans have been designed to create a quality engineered Heater that will last for many years, because it includes a Burnout Insert, Air Injection Grate,
 Ash Pit, and internal Heat Deflectors for maximum BTUs.

It can pay for itself just by heating bath and laundry water.
Included are plans for an outdoor enclosure, and much more.
Prompt E-mail assistance is available during the fabrication.
Our Log Lifter Plans are designed to save your back,
when lifting Logs into your Wood Burner or Log Splitter.

The plans are adjustable to fit your situation.
This emergency Chimney Cleaning Tool
can save your weekend, your building, or your life.

There is no need to climb a ladder
onto a cold, windy, slippery Roof.

It is inserted into your Wood Burner or Draft Regulator
without leaving the shelter of your building.
Many buildings are lost to chimney fires started by Creosote buildup. Order one now. When you need it, it may be too late !
Wood Burner Gloves. These are the finest 13-1/2" Gauntlet Leather Gloves we could find. They are fully lined and sport a tough contrasting welt. They will protect your hands, wrists, and cuffs  from burns and splinters associated with tending a Wood Burner.
Our Wonder Wedge finishes what little Wedges start.

When a regular Wedge gets stuck in Firewood Splits,
the Wonder Wedge releases the stuck Wedge
and finishes the split, in Jig Time . . . Every time !

Made of Super-strong Laminated Veneer Lumber.
This articulated Hobby Tool Holder
is made to delicately move your high speed Hobby Tool
in any position, to make delicate curved, straight, or angular cuts, shapes and designs in your movable workpiece.

Designed and Made in the USA
Step-by-step instructions to build a great Family Greenhouse
from inexpensive used storm Doors or Windows.

Everything from creating the level 2b-stone base,
to making and using a water level,

to cutting the triangular glass.
Greenhouse Timer PLANS
Controls your Misters, Sprinklers, Irrigators, and Drippers.
Controls Seconds, minutes, or Hours Misters are "ON"
Controls, Minutes, or Hours Misters are "OFF"

Easy, inexpensive, and fun to make
with tools commonly found in the home.
Plans for this Arbor, which will support your favorite Grapes, or favorite Blooming Vines, and favorite Swing, or shade your Glider or Lawn Chairs.

It also makes a great place to fasten Bird Houses.
Catch-m-All Mouse Trap
can eliminate your local mouse population.
It resets itself automatically and holds about 50 mice. Easy to make with common Tools and Materials.
These Free Plans,
will turn your Mouse Trap into a Super Trap !

No more snapped traps,
or stolen Bait.
Power Soil Sifter Plans.
Build your own from a Riding Lawn Mower and a Rusted Water Tank. Power it with the Mower Engine or a Tractor Power Takeoff.
Deer Feeder Plans: One for feeding Salt,
another for feeding Hay, Apples, Grain, or Pellets.
Both are very easy to maintain.

Build either for about $20.00 with these easy-to-follow instructions.
This Songbird Condominium is ten feet tall and encircles a post. 
It can be lifted off for servicing or winter storage.

It is designed for Bluebirds, House Wrens, Robins, Phoebes, Carolina Wrens, Chickadees, and Titmice. It includes a Bird Feeder and Tunnels for Solitary Bees.

One side hinges open for servicing of all units at once.
A metal band helps keep Predators at bay.
Our Newest and Best Bird House !  Made especially for Monitoring of SongBird Trails. It includes Tunnels for Solitary Bees, which are great Garden and Orchard Pollinators.

The Nest Box tilts forward so Eggs and Nestlings can be seen or Photographed without touching the Nest. Exclusive 2006 design makes Monitoring SongBird Trails a delight, while it contributes Pollinators to the dwindling Colony Collapse Disorder Honey Bee population.
Bluebird Haven fits under a double-hung Window and allows nightime roosting inside your warm room. This Roosting Box has built-in dispensers to serve Meal Worms, Berries, and Water to your Bluebirds without going outdoors. Holds about 12 Birds. Designed and made in the USA from native forest woods.
Our Peek-a-Boo Bird House has a clear plastic panel, which lets you peek inside their house, from inside your house.

We designed this unique Bird House to be held in place by your Double-hung Window, and attract Bluebirds, Titmice, Wrens, Tree Swallows and
BEAR-PROOF BIRD FEEDER - Is sure to stand up against your most determined Ruin Bruin. It is made of #1 Pennsylvania Hardwoods, glued and screwed together.  It weighs 8-1/2 pounds and holds about 2 quarts of bird Seed. Made with Tunnels for efficient and gentle pollinating Solitary Bees for your Garden, Berry patch, or Orchard.
These unique Nesting Material Dispensers attract Birds to your back yard where you can watch them return to their nesting sites.
It helps you learn the species which make a certain type of nest, how high they build it, and in which surroundings.
A must-have for Bird Watchers.
The ultimate Suet Feeder
Songbirds love this natural Suet Feeder with rough bark that makes it easy to hold on to, and there is no metal for wet feet to freeze fast to in colder climates. The bottom hole caters to the acrobatic "Upside-down-Bird. Comes with a Heavy Duty Steel Hanging Hook, a package of Suet and complete Instructions.
This attractive and unique Bird Salt Feeder attracts Birds to your back yard. It also attracts Flying Squirrels and Chipmunks which perform their acrobatic antics to get to the Salt. 
This 2-dimensional Bird House is made to hide holes or blemishes on the siding of an outbuilding. It's also a great Roosting Box.

The 2-piece Facade goes on the outside of the building. The Nesting Box goes inside the building. Or just use the Facade without the Nesting Box, to show you're a "Friend of Birds".

These Attractively designed "Sparrow-Stopper" Bird Houses (shown with optional paint) are made to keep out English "House" Sparrows. The 1- 3/8" Entrance Hole, limits "English House Sparrows" but is just right for Wrens, Chickadees, Western Bluebirds, Mountain Bluebird, Titmouse, Nuthatch, Prothonotary Warbler, Downy Woodpeckers, and others.
These Unique Tree Gripper Bird Houses are not fastened with Nails or Screws. Instead, a soft Rubber Hanger holds them securely to a Tree, a Post, a Picket Fence, or even a wire Garden Fence.
These specialized Brown Creeper Nest Boxes have the entrance slot in back, next to the Tree Bark. Other birds may use them occasionally, especially the Carolina Wren.
This Birds and Bees House is  made with Solitary Bees in mind. These gentle Pollinators are an asset to your garden produce, and they require no supervision as Honey Bees do.

The oversized Ceiling is drilled with deep horizontal holes, and the Roof is offset to protect them from the weather.
This Robin Shelter protects nests, eggs, and Nestlings from storms.

It is also used by Doves, Cardinals,
Mocking Birds, Phoebes, and Cat Birds.
This 2-dimensional Word House will thank a bird-watching or other friend for thoughtfullness. With our sensitive Poem or your own words or photo.

Made of Pennsylvania Black Walnut
with a hand-rubbed oil finish,
Our Squirrel Feeders are designed of Welded Steel Wire,
with six feeding slots
made for Black Walnuts and Ear Corn.
They can be fastened to a post or hung from a Shrub or Tree.
Black Walnuts cannot be removed whole and hoarded,
and neither can the Ear of Corn.
Capacity: about 5 pounds.
Auto Billboard - Designed, Developed and Manufactured  
in the USA by

Driven or parked at a busy intersection,
this animated sign in your vehicle window
is sure to get attention as you advertise your
business or other interest or activity.
Our Wheelbarrow Forklift carries things in front of the Wheel, which lessens the downward weight at the Handles. And your back is saved from lifting up over the Wheelbarrow Rim.

Great for moving Shrubs, Bags of Fertilizer and Mulch, and 5-gallon Buckets full of anything.
This Wheelbarrow caddy keeps all your Tools at hand.

From Shovels to Hoe, Gloves, Seeds, Trowel, and Beverage.
Soil Sifters ( 3 )
These Sifters make short work of preparing Potting Soil or Seed-starting Mix. Inserts allow you to limit soil particles to 1", 1/2". or 1/4". Stones and debris are trapped in the Sifters to be disposed of. Perlite, Vermiculite, and other amendments can be mixed in at the same time.
Seeds for the price of a SASE
(Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope) Mailed to: RD1, Box 40
Hummels Wharf, Pa. 17831-0040

Email our web page URL where you saw the free Seeds.
These unique Candle Holders are individually hand crafted by a Pennsylvania Blacksmith.

They are designed to fit in your quart Mason Jar.
A great gift idea. Sold in pairs of one color.
This Rain Barrel Siphon Valve will maintain siphoning action. And it is self-priming.

It has no rubber or metal parts to leak, corrode, or rust. It is another unique gardening product, designed and made in the USA by
Includes complete Instructions.
DRIP Irrigation
MUCH more than 70% water savings.
Works with your Sprinkler System Timer.
Fertilizer can be added to the Manifold.
Stainless Steel Filter is easy to clean.
Adapter(not included) connects it to a Garden Hose.
This is the most powerful Pocket Pruner we have ever sold.

Our all metal BIG Mouth Pocket Pruner has a Ratcheting Mechanism, which makes the thickest cuts with ease.
It cuts 1-1/2" limbs, which are the thickness of a common 2 x 4.
Made to last a lifetime, so replacement Blades are available.
It cannot lose blade alignment or adjustment like others do.
A great gift for gardening Friends and Deer Hunters.
Your hands never touch the Organic Dough. Our complete Bread-making Kit contains everything you need to make this great Organic Loaf; Pyrex Ovenware, Timer, Measuring Set, Flour Shaker, Table Knife, Oven Mitt, Kitchen towel, Cooling Rack, Yeast, Bread Knife. You need only Organic Flour, water, and salt.
This Jerky Press will press a lot of burger. It's 8" x 11" table will press 1-1/2 pounds into a 1/4" Cake which is baked in an oven, and then cut into strips or bite-sized pieces. A great Gift for Bikers, Hikers, or any Outdoorsmen.
Venison, Wild Game Seasoning changes the character of wild game to the point where even non-hunters may ask for more.

Use it as a rub for roasting, baking, broiling, or frying. Or sprinkle it on at the table. You may love it on Burgers, Eggs,
Fried Potatoes, or even Toast.
ChestnutMagic, the unique Chestnut Processor designed by quickly separates Chestnuts on their midline, which makes them pop out of their Roasted, Microwaved, or Cooked shells, with NO Puncturing, NO Peeling, and NO Explosions. A Great time-saving Gift idea for your Gourmet and Gardening Friends.
Natural Organic Cracked Black Walnuts
with the Nuts inside, which you remove.
We do the work. You have the fun.

Save the Shells for the Bird Feeder;
they will love the smallest high-energy crumbs.
Our Natural Organic Black Walnut Hulls :
The hard Shell and edible Nut have been removed.
Used for making Wood Stain, Cloth and Hair Dye,
Natural Health Remedies, Ink, and more.
This 8-ounce collectible glass jar of pure Natural Organic
Black Walnut Hull Extract approximates the amount
extracted from 5 pounds of fresh Walnut Hulls (above).
No preservatives. No additives.
We sell only Natural Organic unshelled Black Walnuts.
The Trees are not sprayed with insecticide, and the Nuts
are not dipped in chemicals to prevent sprouting.

Save the Shells for the Bird Feeder.
Birds will love the high-energy crumbs.
We sell only Natural Organic unshelled ButterNuts.
The Trees are not sprayed with insecticide, and the Nuts
are not dipped in chemicals to prevent sprouting.

Save the Shells for the Bird Feeder.
Birds will love the high-energy crumbs.
We sell only Natural Organic Green Black Walnuts.
These are picked from the trees before they ripen and drop.
Used mostly in Home Remedies.

Our Black Walnut Trees grow in the woodlands of central Pennsylvania, where they are not exposed to pesticides or chemical fertilizers. 
This antique Cast Iron Machine will quickly remove the Hulls from a bucket of Walnuts. It is a must-have tool for anyone with Black Walnut Trees in their back yard,
and a Cookie Baker in their Kitchen.

If you already have one, and it does not hull a Walnut in 20 seconds, you need our Modification.
This is the Hulling Tool you need if you only have a few Black Walnut Trees. Walnuts are rolled under your shoe to remove the ripe Hulls. A Garden Hose will spray the remaining residue off. Short Video
We designed Walnut Wacker for people who have a hammer
and don't want to buy an expensive metal Walnut Cracker.
It is made of Pennsylvania Hardwood with a Steel Anvil which positions the Walnut for midline cracking to produce larger Nuts.
It also minimizes flying pieces, has a hand-rubbed Oil Finish,
and should last a lifetime.
Our unique NUT NIPPER is made to quickly produce
more and larger Nut pieces from Black Walnuts.

It peels the Shell away, instead of smashing it (and the Nut inside). 
Short Video
Takes Black Walnuts from the Tree to the Table.

Includes the three items shown above:
Nut Nipper, Walnut Wacker,  and Hulling Grid.
all Discounted, and shipped Free !
Black Walnut Hulling Machine.
PLANS to convert a Cement Mixer
which can be quickly returned to mixing cement.
Our Black Walnut Hull Powder is made from natural organic frozen Hulls, which are dried and ground when we get your order.

This assures the freshest product and the least loss of desirable compounds.
Our Hand Grinders are half the price of similar units found on the Internet. They were made to grind Meat and other foods, and to mill grain into flour and feed.

They shine on the Homestead to do some very odd jobs, from making Instant Compost, to making Bird Seed cost less, to making Free Plant Food. Various models.
Our unique Berry Picker is designed to pick ripe Raspberries, Blackberries, Dewberries and Wineberries without bruising them or staining your fingers. You can even wear Gloves to avoid thorn stings, allowing you to get the big ones deep in the thicket.
This 25-foot ventilating Mini-Greenhouse
is the perfect answer for an early harvest.
Especially in Northern States with a short growing season.

Grow plants which are marginal in your area.
Opens and closes with a simple tug on the String.

Forest Background
25 Framed Poems by internationally recognized Poet . . . sample:

This Seed Separator may be just what you need to save Seeds for next season's sowing. The 2-piece Stainless Steel set is made to remove the plant debris from your seeds. The instructions cover picking, separating, preserving. Suitable for most small seeds.
These Plant Guards are made to stop Cut Worms which destroy  plants by cutting off the stem at ground level. Cut Worms are unable to climb the slippery sides of our PlantGardz, and the perforations aid in ventilation which also deters Fungi growth.
 - Tender Seedlings are protected from the wind.
 - Wind protection equates to moisture retention.
 - Reflected light helps the plant to produce Chlorophyll.
These Tree Guards protect young trees from rodents and mowers. They are 12" tall and 3-1/2" diameter, but they can be snapped together to increase the diameter to any size.

They are made to be stacked for taller trunks, and trunks that are not perfectly straight. Made of the same tough space age material as our BorderGardz. 

This CatWasher can make washing your cat a breeze.
It can also be used for frisky dogs.
Our Grafting Wax Heater has an adjustable flame to provide exactly the right heat in winter cold, or summer sunshine. It fastens in a 5-gallon plastic bucket to keep it from spilling your hot Wax, and provide storage for your Tools and supplies. Build your own with our easy PLANS.
Restocking charge, for canceling an order.

Our Very simple PRIVACY POLICY:
We NEVER share Your information with ANYONE !!

All of our wooden items are Custom Made especially for you.
We have no warehouse expenses or associated damages.

Email your desires or specifications when ordering,
otherwise we ship the most popular custom specifications.

Your Custom item is shipped within 14 days,
unless you are immediately notified otherwise,
and given the choice of a PayPal refund.

Shipping Charges quoted are for the continental United States.

We reserve the right to limit quantities

Items may be slightly different from the photos shown,
as we constantly work to improve our products.

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