Grapefruit Diet

This is about the simplest Diet on Planet Earth.
It is completely natural, healthful, customizable, and inexpensive.

Successful Dieting starts in the grocery store !  You Must resist temptation to buy high calorie foods that you love. Instead, buy foods that you like which are not so high in calories. If worse comes to worse, buy only foods you don't like. Then you are sure to consume fewer  calories.

This natural Diet operates on the principal of partially filling your stomach just before meals or in between. The common Grapefruit is the low-calorie secret. Eat one Grapefruit before each meal. And if you get hungry between meals, have another Grapefruit. That's it !

If after a week, you have not lost any weight, increase the Grapefruit to 2 before each meal. Normal weight loss should be in the range of 1 to 3 pounds each week. If you notice a loss of 5 pounds or more each week, then eat less Grapefruit. It may be better to lose weight slowly.

And even if you don't lose an ounce, you may be healthier and happier because Grapefruit is low in Sodium, Cholesterol, and Fat. It is also a source of Vitamins and Minerals such as Iron to combat anemia. Half a Grapefruit contains your daily requirement of Vitamin C, and 6 grams of Dietary Fiber.

You may also limit non-grapefruit portions by eating from a cup. At first, it may take 4 or more cupfulls to satisfy your appetite. But eventually, you can pare down to fewer. Of course, exercise is also a key to weight loss; Your Fat Calories are the Calories you consume, minus the Calories you "burn" by exercise.

Eating more frequently may keep you from getting as hungry.
Eating a tidbit every hour may be better than 2 or 3 meals a day, 
and amount to less caloric intake.

"Snacks" will aid your diet more if they are Fruits, Vegetables, Pretzels, or Rice Cakes, than will Ice Cream, Candy, Cake, Cookies or Chocolates.
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It has also been reported that Grapefruit juice influences the chemical balance in the mouth to help stop Nicotine cravings. Smokers take note.
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If you ever think you have done well and deserve a treat, just pat yourself on the back! As with all Diet Plans, you should consult your Doctor first.
Good luck.

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