Greenhouse Blackout

If you have a Greenhouse that depends on electricity for heat, do you have a backup in case of electricity failure? If you heat with hot water that uses a circulator, you may want to consider this design which I use with an outdoor wood burner that demands no electricity except for the hot water Circulator.


Circulator - 65 watts
Inverter- 140 Watts
Battery- 1000 Cranking Amps
Charger- Trickle
Relay- 110vac. SPDT


The 110vac. Circulator is powered through the 110vac. Relay.
When 110vac. fails, the Relay switches to the 110vac. Inverter,
which is powered by the 12vdc. Battery, 
which in turn is kept charged by the 110vac. Battery Charger. 

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