Greenhouse Plant Lamps

There has been some controversy about the use of special fluorescent light tubes used for the benefit of Seedlings and indoor Plants. But there is no controversy about the fact that plants do benefit from light. Scientific experiments have determined that most Plants and Seedlings show no benefit from Plant Growth lamps beyond the benefits provided by standard white lamps.

Note that this light fixture is suspended with cords, which adjust it vertically by moving the hook which holds the cord, to different wires on the shelf above. It can also be adjusted horizontally by sliding the cord on a wire. They can also be hung from a chain with an "S" hook; that allows the lamp fixture to be adjusted vertically by putting the hook in a different link of the chain.

Fluorescent lamps suspended above seedlings prevent them from getting "Leggy".
When plants get "Leggy" (Looong stems) it is because they are not getting adequate light for good health. They are attempting to get closer to the life-sustaining light. You may have to experiment to determine the distance your particular light fixtures should be from your particular plants under your particulatr conditions. 4 to 12 inches will keep most plants and seedlings happy and bushy. 

Like skinny trees in a dense forest which grow straight and tall in an attempt to reach up to where the light is, with few low limbs and leaves. But trees at the edge of the forest will not be nearly as tall and straight. They will have low limbs on a husky trunk, which reach out horizontally toward the light, but not into the shady forest.

Companies that grow trees for utility poles have learned this fact, and now they plant trees close together to get long, straight poles. Greenhouse operators have also learned it, and provide adequate light so their seedlings will be short and husky.

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