Greenhouse Timer Plans
This Timer is completely adjustable.
Plus it's easy and fun to make and watch.

This Greenhouse Timing Device uses only gravity and water
to control the number of Seconds, Minutes, or Hours your Misters are turned on, and the  number of Minutes or Hours your Misters are turned off.
 It uses no Batteries to fail.

It is operated by a balance Beam
which compares the weight of a container of Sand,
to the weight of a container of dripping Water.

The cost is MUCH less than the commercial units
which may be well over $100.00

The components are readily available,
and the tools needed to make it are found around the average home.

We detail how to build, adjust and operate it.

Plus: it's a fun project for a Tinkerer or Do-it-your-selfer,
who loves to work in the warm Greenhouse on an early Spring day,
and it's a ball to see this Rube Goldberg contraption at work.

Greenhouse Mister Timer PLANS
(Detailed PLANS plus Parts List)

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