A Tongue Twister:

"How much wood could a Woodchuck chuck,
if a Woodchuck could chuck wood?"

He may not be able to chuck wood, 
but he surely can chuck Soil and Stones,
as he plays Badger in Farm Fields and Fence Rows.

Looking for all the world like a Koala, this Groundhog made short work of the Chestnut tree with an incentive from Skoobie our Black Pointer!  We call 'em Groundhogs hereabouts or "Whistle pigs" after their alert whistle sound.

Top right shows the claws they use to scale rough bark, but they are used more often to maintain burrows which undermine farmer's fields. Many a tale has been told of the damage caused to farm machinery by unseen burrows. And many a tale by Gardeners of this 4-legged Garbage Disposer.

These vegetarians have 1 litter of about six young near the beginning of April.
Their burrows are used by other animals when they are vacated.
In the case of Foxes or Skunks, it may be an eviction.

You have the option of laying a three-foot wide piece of metal Fence
on top of the ground around the perimeter of your Garden. This will usually discourage them.
The metal Fence should be securely attached to the bottom of the existing Fence.
These can be short, overlapped lengths to allow them to be stood up for mowing.

The worst problem with these rodents is their habit of
crawling under a Car and chewing off the Spark Plug and other Wires.

It may help to dust Garden Fence burrows with Cayenne Pepper.
It gets on their feet and between their toes causing a burning sensation
which makes them avoid the area.

Sprinkle their burrow liberally with Cayenne Pepper.
Then lightly mist the Cayenne with Water to make it more effective.
Last; barely cover the Pepper with fine Soil, Sand, or Sawdust,
to keep the Pepper from drying out while it waits for Mr. Digger.

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