Lifetime Guarantee hereby warrants our Hand-made Wooden Products to be free from defects in Materials and Workmanship
for the life of the Original Owner. 

Should any Hand-made Wooden Product
be found to have such defects, send a letter to the address below
indicating that you desire a "Product Return Shipping Label". 
Include a description of the defect, and the Invoice Number and Date 
of the original Invoice to verify that you are the Original Owner.

When you get the Shipping Label, 
you will return the defective product to us postpaid.

If such defect is found, it will be repaired or a new Product from Current Production will be shipped postpaid to the Name and Address indicated on the Original Invoice. 

In the event that the Product is no longer available, will refund the Original Purchase Price, 
less shipping and handling, mailed to the Name and Address
indicated on the Original Invoice.

If we find the returned item is Not defective,
and appears unused, we will return it to our inventory,
and issue a 1 year merchandise credit 
minus $10.00 restocking fee
to cover the cost of:

- Packaging the original shipment
- making the shipping label
- making a 
Product Return Shipping Label
- mailing the
Product Return Shipping Label
- opening the returned package
- disposing of the packaging materials
- examining the returned item
- returning the item to inventory
- email time involved in processing your order.

Our Car Billboards are custom made to your text and size  specifications. We will repair any defective units for 90 days from the date of shipment, which renews the guarantee for another 60 days.

This Guarantee does not apply to Products which have been subjected to abuse or neglect, or to Gardening Plans sold by

Warranty Request

RD1, Box 40, Hummels Wharf, Pa.