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Hand Grinder
A great Tool to have around the Garden or Homestead.
A Hand Grinder does not grind hands. It is operated by hand; no electric motor. It was made to grind Meat and other foods, and to mill grain into flour and feed. But it shines on the Homestead to do some very odd jobs; from making Instant Compost, to making Bird Seed last longer, to making Free Plant Food from Fruit and Vegetable scraps, to cracking Corn for your Chickens.
Ours are half the price of others found on the internet because ours may have been used before. They come from Flea Markets and Yard Sales. But for our purposes, new is not necessary. However, about one out of six is new. Some have the original box and instructions. They all clamp to the edge of a table top or counter.

Cutters and Cutting plates shown above, will vary by manufacturer and model. The more cutting edges a Cutter has, the finer will be the output. "M" are Milling Cutters which make Flour from various dried Seeds, like Wheat and Amaranth. 

The models we have on hand will differ, but they have been chosen for their suitability to grind Bird Seed or Dog Appetizers, and make Instant Compost or Free Plant Food. If you buy ours, we include a very useful Accessory, plus detailed Instructions.

When ordering, tell us what you plan to use it for,
so we can include the proper Cutters.

Hand Grinder plus free Accessory and Instructions.
$24.85 + $9.85 Shipping and Handling.

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