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Hardwood Soil Sifter

Make your own Potting Soil
and Seed-sprouting Mix

Hand made in the USA

This hand-made Hardwood Sifter uses 1-inch mesh screening.
The two Hardware-cloth inserts can be laid in the bottom
to produce even finer soils.

When it is shaken, the fine soil passes through the Screens,
but stones and debris are trapped for disposal.

Granular Fertilizers, Perlite, Vermiculite, Compost, Sand and Sawdust
can be added prior to sifting, which will thoroughly mix them
into the finished product.

It's perfect for filling Flower Pots and sifting Flower Beds,
and its 1/4" mesh Screen produces a fine Seed-sprouting Mix.

Also perfect for sifting soil over tiny Garden Seeds.
A Window Screen will then protect them from hungry Birds.

Our Lifetime Guarantee makes it a perfect gift for your Gardening Friends.

Hardwood Soil Sifter
with 2 Inserts
$84.85 + $12.85 S & H

If you don't need so rugged a Soil Sifter, click HERE for Sifter Jr.

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