Charred Cloth
How to char Cloth for a survival Fire-starting Kit.

One of the methods for starting a fire under survival conditions or on a Boy Scout outing, is to put a spark on flammable material. The spark can come from various sources, which include striking a piece of hardened steel with a Flint striker.

Many natural materials make a good fire starter. They include dried Leaves, Pine Needles, Cotton Dryer Lint, wood scrapings, etc. But the problem with these materials is that the spark may get lost in the nooks and crannies.

This problem is solved by using a piece of Cloth which is flat and too closely woven for the spark to fall through. The spark must land on the cloth, where its heat can be made to start a fire.

Cotton Cloth is the preferred material, and mens worn-out underwear is a good source. A charring Container can be a metal Can with a tight-fitting lid, as shown above. It must have a small vent hole to allow heat to escape.

An even better Container may be two Cans which fit together snugly. Each has one end removed. The small Can holds the cloth and it's placed inside the larger Can. Then this Container is placed in or on a Stove or other heat source.

This is the same green Can and Cotton Cloth shown above.

After several hours, or overnight, the Cloth should become black and fragile as Facial Tissue. It is very flammable and ready to be kept in a sealed Jar or Can where it will not absorb moisture. A packet of Silica Gel will help keep it dry.

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