Instant Compost

This Antique Tool works wonders on rotten Leaves,
or making cheap Bird Seed.

Hidden in your Rain Gutters are decomposing Leaves. It is not unusual to find a half Bushel or more up there. A little imagination can turn them into
Vitamins and Minerals for your House Plants, and give you more incentive
to keep your Rain Gutters cleaned

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A visit to your local Flea Market should turn up a Meat Grinder. Be sure to get a Grinder with large round or rectangular holes like those shown above. Plates with 1/4" round holes are made to grind Hamburger, and may not allow wet Leaves to pass through. 1/2" holes are the minimum for a Compost Grinder. A large Hopper is a definite plus.

The Grinder shown has a conical Plate and 3-bladed Cutter. This type is very difficult to sharpen. A better choice has replaceable flat Plates and Cutters, which can be sharpened by rubbing them in a  circular motion on Emery Cloth placed on a flat surface. Some Plates are reversible which is an added advantage.

Always wear Safety Glasses when working with any Tools. Mount the Grinder on a sturdy table or step. There's not much room for a container under the Grinder, but our cereal box worked nicely after a little customizing with a Scissors. Mounting the Grinder on a narrow surface will allow the Compost to drop into a Bucket.

Twigs, Acorns and other seeds, and spent blooms will grind right up with the leaves. Use a gloved hand to feed the Grinder, these tools have been known to pinch fingers; especially when one person fills the Hopper and a second person turns the Crank. Clean and dry the Grinder after usage to avoid the Plates and Cutters from getting rusty and losing their sharpness.

The decomposing Leaves and Pine Needles in the background have been transformed into this great finished product. It will rival those sold at your Nursery or Garden Center, and there's not much chance that it will contain chemicals. Your friends and neighbors may be willing to contribute to your new endeavor  from their own Rain Gutters, and may even turn the Crank for a cup or two.

Not only will the Grinder pay for itself, but it's fun to see the transformation and know that you "made" the Compost all by yourself. If you grind anything that is not from the Gutters, make sure there are no pebbles or soil in it since these materials will dull the Cutters in short order.

You might even want to start a Gutter cleaning business,
and sell Compost on the side.

If you have Oak or Pine Trees in one area of your House and other Trees in another area, then you may have acidic Compost from the former and alkaline from the others. Keep them separate; Blueberries, Holly, Hydrangeas, Rhododendrons, and Azaleas love acidic Oak Leaf Compost.

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