Jerky Press

It makes a great gift for any Outdoorsmen.
Very few Kitchen Gadgets are as cost effective as a Jerky Press.

Jerky is the perfect snack for Hikers and Bikers, but a pound costs about $16.00.
You can make your own for about $4.00 a pound including spices.
Carefully follow baking instructions on the spice package.

This 8" x 11" Jerky Press transforms 1-1/2 pounds of Burger into a cake 1/4" thick.
The Cake is baked at 200 F. and then cut into strips or bite-sized squares.

Wax Paper is used to protect the Press and make the Cake easy to handle.

1-1/2 pounds of seasoned Burger is put on the Base,
then the Top is inserted and pressed down to the stop.
(Ladies can use Gallon jugs, filled with water).

The cakes can be left odd-shaped,
or trimmed to fit your Oven Rack.

An Aluminum Foil liner is put on the bottom Rack to catch drippings.
When the Jerky gets leathery (but not brittle), it is finished.
It will be about 3/16" thick.

The Cup is shown for size comparison.

The Jerky Cake may be cut into strips or squares with a Kitchen Scissors, or Knife.
Note the marks left by the Oven Racks, which make good cutting guides.

When it's just dry enough to handle, flip the Cake over and rotate it 1/4 turn.
Then you will have marks on both sides at opposing angles,
which makes cutting uniform squares a snap.

"Where you get what you pay for - and a little bit more"
"Cost is not determined on the day of Purchase,
but on the day of Replacement !"

Our Lifetime Guarantee
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One (1) Jerky Press
Price: 1 for $29.85 plus $9.85 S&H
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