Making Fruit Tree Limb Props
If your Fruit Tree branches are laden with Fruit,
these Props may protect the overweight limbs from damage.

A peck of Apples may be more than one limb can carry.
To prevent damage, prop the limb up with a Sucker or Water Sprout.

You can use long wooden Props to support the limbs, or hollow plastic or metal posts with a short wooden "Y" Slingshot to support overladen limbs.
If you use long Props, cut off puny side branches, but leave 6" stubs
wherever there are husky side branches.

"Suckers" growing from the roots, and "Water Sprouts" shooting straight up from the center of an Apple or Pear Tree, or Saplings from nearby Woodland can provide the material for this easy-to-make damage preventer. They should last for at least 2 or 3 years if you store them indoors.

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